Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Joseph Gordon dating Lucy Liu?

In Touch (we know, we know) is reporting that Joseph Gordon-Levitt recently nabbed himself an Angel.

According to the tabloid, JGL and Lucy Liu were spotted last week at Periyali restaurant in New York City having quite the romantic diner.

"They were kissing at the table, and she was stroking his arm," an onlooker tells the magazine. "The age difference didn't seem to bother Lucy at all. They looked good together—and very comfortable!"

Did Hollywood's hot new hunk really nab himself an older lady?

That's not what we're hearing.

A rep for Lucy and Joseph (the two stars have the same publicist) denies the two are a couple, saying they are "not romantically involved in the least."

We're gonna go with business over pleasure for this dinner. Apparently, Lucy already has a boyfriend, and the meal the two shared was nothing but friendly.

Good to know, these two seemed just a bit random for our taste! Then again, when we witnessed Joseph getting cozy with Devon Aoki back in June at the BING party we were a little taken aback too.