Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Trevor Donovan (Teddy) Not Leaving 90210!

AnnaLynne McCord said the actors were notified in the spring that the cast would be cut down in Season 4. Trevor Donovan, who plays Teddy, will be in fewer episodes. Is there anyone we won't be seeing when the show returns?
Carr: The studio heads had talked about whether or not all the cast would be brought back, but they left that to the creative decisions about where the characters would go and what the story lines would be. We wound up having great story lines for all of the characters — so all of them are returning. I know there is sort of a technical difference in Trevor's deal but he's a major character for us. We love Teddy and we've got a really great story line for him.
Olsen: He will be there for multiple episodes.
Carr: I just think the studio's concern is that it's hard to service that number of characters in every episode, and we understand that, but we had such great stories for everyone and so we're not losing any cast members.

Is there anyone besides Donovan who is coming back in a reduced capacity?
Olsen: No, Teddy is the only one who won't be in every episode. The story line of Teddy being gay was handled so well last year, it was so much of a non-stereotype, that it was really important to us to keep writing for that character.
Carr: We don't have it all broken out moving forward, but he has a really significant arc. He's in the premiere. That story [about Donovan's contract] was put out there like he wasn't coming back, or worse, like we were eliminating him, and that was not the intention at all.

Can you tell us anything about what will be going on with Teddy when the show returns?
Olsen: With Teddy's character, with all of the characters really, this season is about identity and figuring out who you are as you're growing into an adult. For Teddy, that is even more complicated because he has this huge other factor having recently admitted he's gay.
Carr: We can tell you this: Last season he realized he was gay and he came out to his friends, but he hasn't come out to his family. That's the next hurdle for him. That's what he's wresting with. Teddy contacts his family to let them know he's gay. There are family members who react to that news.

Will he still be dating Marco (Freddie Smith)?
Carr: No, that relationship ended over the summer. But he will have other prospects on the horizon!