Thursday, September 2, 2010

Chace Crawford is a rebel in GQ mag

Chace Crawford became famous with the teen series "Gossip Girl". In his new film, the 25-year-old Texan in now playhing the bad boy next to hip-hopper 50 Cent

GQ: Mr. Crawford, until now we have a good impression of you: picture-book childhood, spotless career, always a neat appearance. And now you suddnely show us another side. Is there a small rebel in you?

Chace Crawford: I can understand that the perception of my person is reduced with this clean surface. In a way is true. But of course there's some resistance in every person. With me, it is only in such a way that I don't turn it up so often. At most if I listen Eddie Vedder song, "Start the revolution!"

GQ: Were you once part of a youth movement? Punk or Rock would have fitted you.

Chace Crawford: Punk? Rock? Me? I heard classic rock as a teenager. No, the only movement that existed in my youth was the Internet and mobile waves. I was totally involved in that movement though.

GQ: Chace Crawford, classic rocker and internet fan. The girl's hearts must have flown to you.

Chace Crawford: Oh well.

GQ: How did you look at that time?

Chace Crawford: Not that bad. The worst phase was over. In the elementary school my mother always made me use crazily brief cuto-off jeans. I suffered from it. But at least I learned quite early that there's no reason for men to wear shorts.

GQ: What are the greatest style mistakes?

Chace Crawford: I think it's cruel if you try to develop an eccentric side and yet to celebtate it. A man who wants to be very fashionable is above all embarrassing. I'm a friend of the subtle.

GQ: What is it that you can't see no more?

Chace Crawford: Asikde from ultra-short shorts the Bad Taste classic would have to be: socks in sandals. Then you must also know that I come from Lubbock, a small town in northwest Texas. And a thing you will often see in the area, are head-to-toe denim outfits. Who wears denim shirts with jeans, it should bring an appropiate setting. Or at least a good figure.

GQ: Texas is not considered the epicenter of fashion.

Chace Crawford: Exactly. At most it's considered one for football. Fashion is definitely not as important.

GQ: Are you interested in clothes?

Chace Crawford: Sure. However, in the American film industry it comes together, you should at least have a little notion of it. It is almost a condition for an actor - with women is probably even more. I constatntly have to sell me somehwere. And of course this always happens with fashion.

GQ: So you see it more as a job?

Chace Crawford: No, no. I actually enjoy carrying a perfectly fitting suit. Because I just feel better in good clothes. Which I only know since I'm interested in cuts and styles.

GQ: So we'll never see you as a cowboy?

Chace Crawford: Yes, this is very unlikely. Most of my boots have gone many years ago. But who knows, I kept a few, maybe they'll make a comeback again.

GQ: Who are your style heroes?

Chace Crawford: I have always been a big fan of Paul Newman's "Cool Hand Luke" from the late 60s is probably one of the best films of all times. But I admire Newman not because he was especially stylish in any way, but because he simply had - style, yes. That is the paradox: some who was never interested in clothes and now is a fashion icon. Admirably. The same goes for Steve McQueen.

GQ: And what conclusion you got from this morning when you were standing in front of the closet?

Chace Crawford: I have no certain rules, but rely entirely on my taste. I don't have a stylist like many other Hollywood actors do. If I'm not sure with certain clothes, then I question myself: Does it fit really really well? Is it decent enough? Or do I strike too much?

GQ: With which brands do you end up then?

Chace Crawford: With many different ones. Levi's, John Varvatos - and over and over again with some vintage things.

GQ: Do you have a favorite part?

Chace Crawford: Yes. An unspectacular button-down shirt from Ralph Lauren RRL. In red, it's really checkered, but it feels as if it had been washed a thousand times, so you no longer see the pattern. I wear it at least once a week.

GQ: A favorite fragrance?

Chace Crawford: None. I don't use. Only deodorant.

GQ: Any favorite designer?

Chace Crawford: If I had to choose, Dolce and Gabbana. At least when it comes to suits or dinner jackets. Their stuff fits me perfectly.

GQ: Now we must say it: The tattoos from our photoshoot are only painted on. However, do you have real tattoos?

Chace Crawford: None. But I liked the painted ones. I've been thinking of what motives to get tattoed if I ever manage to make up my mind whether or not to get one. But now a days there are good reasons not get tattoed. For example, I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't stop after one tattoo. I'd get addicted.

GQ: In addition to the question is this is still rebellious?

Chace Crawford: Absolutely, tattoos no longer have the same effect that in our parents or grandparents generation. Sure.

GQ: In your new film "Twelve" you play a drug dealer. In "Gossip Girl" we know you as well-behaved lad.

Chace Crawford: Oh, those are two different worlds. In "Gosip Girl" it's about a glorified representation of the everday life of privileged private school students. "Twelve" is much darker. And the person I portray, is also very tough. Of course, it has been fun to me to put some expectations over my head.

GQ: And now we will no longer see you on the side of flatly ironed girls, but from 50 Cent.

Chace Crawford: The nice soap star, and the brutal gangsta rapper? Yes, yes. A supposition that it would be extremely close to potentional conflict. Which of course it wasn't. We got along just fine, I couldn't think of a better colleague. 50 Cent is a special person. And incredibly intelligent when it comes to career planning.

GQ: Since then you only hear New York Gangsta rap from the new millenniim on your iPod.

Chace Crawford: I have to disappoint you. As guitar music remains above all. The Black Keys, The White Stripes, The Racounteurs. Even Van Halen, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Guns N' Roses.

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